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We exclusively grow large, 5-9" caliper shade trees for the wholesale market.

Large caliper trees - it's all we do.

We care for each tree individually, assuring optimal development and health.

Our trees are grown specifically for successful transplanting. Our large caliper in-ground deciduous trees will be an instant, long-term asset to your landscape project.

All Max Tree Farm trees are offered in-ground, ready for spading into your landscape. We can arrange transplanting in partnership with our trusted contractors, if you desire.

The Benefits

Our mission is to grow high quality, large, mature shade trees that add visual impact and substance to your project. A greater initial investment in large size trees provides many long term benefits. Learn more here.

Our Methods

At Max Tree Farm, we take great pride in producing healthy and beautiful shade trees. Our trees are not remnants of a B&B nursery. We’ve developed many techniques for growing trees for successful, large caliper transplanting. Learn about some of our unique growing methods here.


Max Tree Farm currently grows fifteen specifically selected varieties of shade trees, all hardy for Zone 4. Each variety is proven as a vigorous grower. See our varieties here.