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Why Large Trees?

Nothing has more impact in an outdoor setting than a large shade tree.  Their striking size and beauty adds more to the landscape than anything else you could plant.

The benefits of large trees are many:

Visual Impact

Large trees installed in a landscape will immediately anchor a building in its setting, giving your project instant, finished gratification that will please your clients, and enrich its surroundings.

Financial Sense

Our large trees have an established permanent canopy shaped by a trained nursery expert in a controlled environment. The trees will not require the expense of an arborist for extensive pruning and shaping. That’s because the long-term proper shape of the tree is already established, so only minimal further pruning may be needed.


Large trees give your project substance that will be noticed and enjoyed. Instantly.


A building project that incorporates large trees creates an impressive setting, adding prominence to the entire project.


Large trees give an established look to any project – conveying images of strength, reliability and solidness to the setting.

Instant Shade

A large shade tree gives the immediate benefit of offering shade, improving the energy efficiency of any site.

Deer Proof

Deer very seldom rub and cause damage to a large caliper tree. They prefer to rub trees that are 1-3” caliper. We ensure that the lowest permanent branches of our trees are out of browsing reach. Plus, the more developed bark on a large tree helps it to stay strong and healthy.

Enjoy Individual Bark Attributes

Because mature bark is established on large trees, there are few concerns about sunscald and frost cracking. This increases the long-term success rate of the tree, while the individual variety’s bark features can be enjoyed instantly.